WMICC- Organic Produce on the Playa since 2011

Welcome to WMICC!
We Gift Thousands of Pounds of Organic Produce to The Playa!

Interested in camping with us?  Questions or feedback? 

Please click the link below and fill out the form or send me an email at: IheartWMICC@gmail.com

click here for the interest form———> https://podio.com/webforms/8193736/623553

Imagine if you can a hot and dusty day on the playa.  You are having a fabulous adventure and  yet you crave something juicy, fresh and tasty.   Before you, in the outer edges of the city, appears an oasis of fresh delicious fruits and vegetables, mellow enchanting music and beautiful, welcoming people – you’ve arrived at our camp!

In 2011 we brought 1000 pounds of fruit and vegetables to the playa.   Melons of many shapes and sizes,  6 varieties of Tomatoes, fresh figs, organic grapes, persian cucumbers and a host of others.

Over the course of 6 days we distributed every last piece of the fruit as well as over 20 jars of hand crafted specialty pickles.

In 2012 we brought closer to 3000 pounds of fruit – plus pickles – plus 20 gallons of hand crafted saurkraut!

2013 raised the bar, with even more pickled delights and new more exciting variations on the epic kraut. Our camp swelled to nearly 60 people representing over 14 different countries! It was a happy and delicious full house.

Last year was another banner year, solidifying the joy that organic produce brings to dry dusty citizens of Black Rock.

Its time to do it all again.

We choose not to publish ourselves in the Who What When and position ourselves on the outskirts of 3 oclock so that we don’t get overwhelmed with visitors and miss out on the chance to really enjoy and welcome the friends and visitors who make it out to visit.

The fruit and veggie bar is open most of the day everyday- and thanks to playa magic we always seem to end up with just enough fruits and veggies to get us through the week without running out, nor anything left over, virtually no spoilage, and another batch of amazing memories.

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Would you like to join us in camp or help volunteer at the produce bar?

WMICC is looking for participants and camp mates!     Are you a first time burner who is looking for a place to park your tent?   Or maybe you are a long time burner who was lucky to secure a ticket but your friends and camp mates didn’t have the same luck? Or just an organic enthusiast or foodie looking to get involved with a project?  looking for a different experience for your week on the playa? Either way we would love to hear about you and see if you might be a good fit for us!

Here’s a bit about our camp – the core campers are veteran burners who still have great attitudes about Burning Man.  We aren’t a loud sound camp.  We’re here to have a great time and to respect each other and everyone else – low ego, low drama, lots of fun. Our camp has varied in numbers over the years ranging from about 35-60 and we like it that way. It is a mix of new comers and veterans from all over the country and the world, ranging in age from around 25-75. We are open minded, quite flexible and open to new input ideas should you have something you want to run with— just let us know!

Our placement speaks toward our ethos.   Last year we were as close to the outer ring as placement would put theme camps.  For veterans that is 3:00 and “K”.    We like the calmer spot removed from the chaos of the esplenade.   It’s our thought that it’s better to go visit the non-stop madness when you want but to be able to escape to the comfort of home in a calmer neighborhood.   The reality is that at BRC you are never far from something amazing going on! On top of that the sunrises on that side of the city are truly magical.

What we ask of you:

For Volunteers:

we would love your help! Whatever shape or size that might come it we need lots of it. One of the most obvious jobs is fruit tending at the produce bar, but if that is not your thing we have loads of other things that can also use a myriad of other skills! Whether it be for 2 hours or 20, we appreciate your interest and contribution to making it all happen.

For Campmates:

We have no minimum work expectation of campmates throughout the week, with the exception of some level of contribution to the strike and breakdown of the shared camp space at the end of the week before you leave. Beyond that we encourage you to find an aspect of camp that needs your help and spend an amount of time that you feel good about throughout the week helping out with it. This could include fruit tending, produce transport, MOOP and recycling, set up and breakdown of the shared camp elements, front of the house/welcoming visitors, daily set up or clean up, a DJ set, camp bike repairs, or just lending a general helping hand.

We have had success in the past offering a sliding scale camp dues/donation which goes towards the cost of making camp happen. This ranges depending on what is financially manageable/comfortable for you. These donations help to pay for the following: gas to transport produce from the farm to the playa, refrigeration for the produce on playa, and purchase of the produce at a wholesale rate from an organic farm in Winters, CA.

We provide the following:

1.  An official location so you know where to go and set up when you arrive, as well as where to tell your friends to find you.  You will also be greeted on arrival by someone from camp to welcome you, help you get settled and offer any help or suggestions you might need.
2.  A nice common shade structure/living room/lighted night lounge where we set up the fruit bar and allow for lounging at any time.  Around 1400sq ft of shared shade space. Hammocks and parachute included as well
3.  Access to the fruits and veggies daily – That said, it should be understood that the veggie bar should not be considered as your primary food source.   The types and varieties of fruit will vary and should not be counted on to sustain you.
4.  We have a limited alcohol bar – last year we made sangria and brought a couple of cases of 2 buck chuck, however, please do not depend on this as your primary source. You are welcome to bring along extra to share!
5.  We have a small sound system which is used during the fruit bar hours.  You are welcome to bring music along to contribute- we prefer a range of music that could definitely NOT be described as “hardcore” or “intense”. If you are interested in getting more involved with the music let us know and we can connect you with the organic sound group within camp.

6. For first timers we are happy to provide feedback and answer questions leading up to the event.

7. Guaranteed laughs, big hugs and some of the best tasting organic produce you have ever had.

What we do NOT provide:

6.  We do not provide shared kitchen or meal plan- campmates often share among each other but their is no formal organization of it.
7.  Set up/Break Down/Personal Trash/MOOP/Greywater – We do not have the ability to accommodate you trash or grey water and are not responsible for any of you left behind camping supplies or MOOP– please be mindful of your responsibility to the community and pack that shit in AND out!

8. Shower or private bathrooms.

9. All of the important survival items which are listed on the myriad websites listing what you need to survive in BRC.   If you’re tenting – make sure to bring rebar!

10. Water!– very important.

Interested in camping with us?  Questions or feedback? 

Please click the link below and fill out the form or send me an email at: IheartWMICC@gmail.com

CLICK HERE ———> https://podio.com/webforms/8193736/623553

You can also join our facebook group by searching “WMICC”

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