Farewell to an old friend, the Rialta is heading off to Rialta Heaven

Yesterday I said goodbye to an old friend.

8 years ago I had a random idea that I wanted to get an RV and my life was changed forever.

It might be argued that getting the Rialta set me up mentally to become a nomad. The Rialta and the Curious Adventure came hand in hand.

Anyone who knows me knows of the breakdowns and transmissions. More than one friend has half joked about finally ending an abusive relationship. I prefer to consider it in the model of an old and sick trusted dog that you keep bringing back to the vet and putting up the cash to keep them around.

The Rialta saw more of the United States than most Americans ever do and more of Mexico than probably any Mexican ever has. Sixty Five thousand miles of amazing experiences, memories and moments.

I’m not usually one to make much of getting rid of possessions. In fact, I was hardly emotional even when I sold the condo that I did love and owned for as many years. I’m not 100% why saying goodbye to the Rialta is more difficult. Maybe because the experiences were so memorable, so golden, so imapctful and at the same time always fleeting… Or perhaps because I knew the house would stand and be a welcome for more memories, just for another family and the future of the Rialta isn’t so bright – but then again – being an organ donor is a great way to share the love.

Goodbye old friend. You were loved.

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