Oh The Places We’ll go (or … where we plan to go)

So in case you missed it, or in case you are new around here, Katie and I are taking a year to travel around the world.   Generally when we tell people that the next thing people naturally ask is “Where are you going?”   So here is our plan at the current.  There’s a map at the bottom of the post if you would like to follow along.  We know this seems ambitious but it is a year that we are going away.

The letters “(A)” below are associated with the map 🙂

The Curious Adventure starts (A)s a road trip.   I’m  driving our RV from San Diego to Texas and Katie is flying to meet me in  San Antonio in order to give her an extra week to wrap up things here in SD.
From there we are crossing the (B)order at Laredo, Texas and driving through Mexico for 34 days.  All of my reading explains that the East and South of Mexico are the way to go which is why we are entering at Texas.   We have the general route planned and we know we are staying in  Mexico (C)ity for a week.   We’ll see old cities, jungles, caves, Mayan Ruins, Beaches and much more along the way.   We will stay in (D) Oaxaca (Ok, the pronunciation is ‘Wa-ha-ka’ so I am putting the letter ‘D’ because it makes just as much sense).   We’ll also stay in Guanajuato and Campeche (not on map by letter – sorry 🙂 ) ….  We will (E)nd up at the (E)ast (E)dge of Mexico in the  Mayan Riviera for a few days before we put the RV into storage in Cancun for a year and ……

(F)ly to Trinidad to meet our friends and be IN the Carnival procession in what is called a “Band” – in costumes, dancing and parading on the streets of Port Of Spain.  Yes.  Really.  Katie with a giant headpiece, me in some crazy bling.  Think Brazil.  Yeah.   Needless to say – it’s going to be epic.
After what will surely be a crazy week we will rest on a nearly private beach on Tobago (no letter – it’s next to Trini) in a small fishing village on the farthest part of the island for a few days.

(G)oing along, Next is a quick hop to  Curacao because we found we could construct a quick and cheap plane route to our actual chosen destination of Colu(H)mbia (as it’s pronounced in Espanol).  Forget what you have heard about Columbia’s past.  It is now touted as a must stop country which is vibrant and welcoming with lots going on for the visitor.   We’ll be arriving in the inland city of Medelin and will also visit the coastal city of  Cartagena ((I) tried so hard to get something related to the letter I and came up with Nothing!)  and then round out a 3rd week in the country in (J)(Boogie?) Bogota.

O(K), A flight to Cuzco Peru is next on the ticket.   We’re skipping Lima and going straight to Cuzco which is supposed to be amazing and from there we will visit Machu Pichu.   Our actual timeline for the next bit is not yet finalized but we do know that we will be making it to the amazing Salt F(L)ats of  Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia, some parts of (M)mmm…not sure where yet but in Chile and whatever happens along the way.  We’re leaving this planning open for now.

We will wind up in  Bue(N)os Aires Argentina around first week of May and the plan is at current to rent an apartment for a full month and chill out a little bit to rest from the constant travel.  Most travel blogs recommend something like this and Buenos Aires is an acclaimed city that seems like a good spot for it.

(O) is for “Oh My Word” on June 10th we are scheduled for our crazy 32 hour flight to Capetown, Africa.   If you look on a map you would think that these 2 cities would have a reasonable flight between them.  Well, the only, and last direct flight between the 2 was not only $2500/seat but also … just got permanently cancelled.  So we’re flying through …. Dubai (not noted on map because we can’t leave the airport – but look it up on the map).   The good news is it only cost $1000 per person!   We’re going to be looking into some serious prescription sleeping pills……. But then will be in South Africa!!!! Capetown is supposed to be amazing.

(P) might be for “Pile of Lemurs”.   That’s Mark’s goal in Madagascar – to sleep in a pile of lemurs.  Yep – lemurs sleep in piles.

This is where Mark will sleep in Madagascar
This is where Mark will sleep in Madagascar

Next Up  Kenya (reachin but …. (Q)uenya?)  – to visit the elephant orphanage and more.  We may do other things in Africa as well – this part of the trip isn’t complete.

 is for Mo(R)occo – last stop in Africa and then it’s Burning Man time!   Katie will be returning to the states, running the theme camp and seeing friends.   I’m not totally sure what I am going to do but I’m taking the Burn Off this year.   Every long time burner I know has done this and at year 12 I — don’t need a break exactly (at all really) — but I think I might be able to find some things to see and do that will fill my time.

(S) is for Spain (wow – that worked!).   We had really wanted to have this be the location for our wedding and maybe it still will be but if not, we’ll be there!   It was always at the top of Katie’s list and after her enthusiasm I learned more and it became at the top of mine too.

(T)(ired of making these letters work with the destination) brings us to Greece.  For whatever reason this was always the #1 on my personal Europe list.  We’re only going to a couple of places in Europe and this is the other.

(U) is for India.  It’s a very strong maybe at this point.  We’re both very interested but it’s a long way off.  We’ll see as we get closer.

(V) is for Bali (and hey – in Spanish – which I have studied every day for 4 months 🙂 – “Vali” would be pronounced “Bali” – so we got 2 phonetically).   Anyhow – It’s #2 on Katie’s list and even though I have been before, I would never argue that choice.

(W)rap it up for now in New Zealand.

A Grand plan!   Some of it will surely change – some of it is set with Planes and lodging, some of it is shapeless and just a thought.  It’s a ….Curious Adventure!   Hope you stick with us and check in as it moves along 🙂

3 thoughts on “Oh The Places We’ll go (or … where we plan to go)

  1. When you are in Cartagena, make sure to try to frozen yoghurt in the old city. The mango frozen yoghurt Popsicle that I had there was one of the best desserts of my life… you’ll see a few yoghurt places right next to each other on the main street through the old city. I recommend the one that makes yoghurt popsicles, but they’re all amazing.

  2. Sweet $tor! Try to work in a Saturday night in Macarena, (Bogotá Art District) and a sunday afternoon in Bogota, the original biking sunday (http://fromwayuphigh.com/ciclovia_bogota/, http://www.sundaystreetssf.com/history-of-ss-and-ciclovia/).

    In Chile I recommend San Pedro de Atacama, which is the endpoint for the Uyini-Chile crossing anyways. Fly from there to Elqui Valley, then drive from the Elqui Valley to Santiago, doing Valparaíso and meeting some friends of mine I will put you in touch with.

    Don’t fly straight to Buenos Aires from Santiago! Take the bus that crosses the Andes to Mendoza (http://gobackpacking.com/bus-mendoza-santiago/), worth the ride and most important: if you love wine and fine dining Mendoza is paradise. Then fly from Mendoza to Buenos Aires.

    In Morroco, definitely stay in Taghazout and Essaouira. Visit Paradise Valley (between the two), if the waterfall is flowing. Take the excursion to ride camels and sleep in Sahara (this one I didn’t do but I hear it’s great). Stay away from Marrakech (salespeople pushing manufactured goods passing as art and food, terrible air, trash, arrff do NOT waste your time there) except as a launch point to explore the desert and Atlas mountains, and also skip Casablanca (most people will agree on that).

    Please make the map clickable so I can see it bigger!

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