Just an average Sunday at the Zocalo in Puebla, Mexico

I present this mainly photo blog as food for thought – or maybe just for fun.   The pictures here are just an average Sunday night in Puebla, Mexico (the 4th largest city in MX).


Fun everywhere

I can’t help but think of that song by the band Chicago “Saturday In The Park” (Think it was the Fourth Of July).

Momma Clown taking a break

Momma Clown taking a break (and photobomber hucking a “Peace” sign as a bonus! – look right)

Contrary to a lot of ideas, Mexicans definitely treat their dogs as family members.  Not in all cases, but very frequently.

Contrary to a lot of ideas, Mexicans definitely treat their dogs as family members. Not in all cases, but very frequently.

This is the Zocalo, these are Mexican families – strolling, laughing, buying balloons …. SELLING balloons, watching street performers, laughing, looking, eating, enjoying ….

Waiting for the sale.

Waiting for the sale.

Decisions, Decisions

When I was out there watching all of this happen, grabbing my camera, snapping some memories – I was thinking “Hm – why isn’t it like this at home in America” and I walked around thinking – wow – there’s something going on here that we’re missing.   It wasn’t until I came back home and started thinking about Balboa Park on the weekend, or the boardwalk in Mission Beach, or Washington Square Park in NYC in the summer, or the Park in Chicago for the summer that I got to spend there ….

Neon is beyond verbal.

Neon is beyond verbal.

Mexico sure knows how to light up their cities though!

Mexico sure knows how to light up their cities though!

And my thoughts turned — and I remembered that probably just as many families in California, or anywhere in the US are enjoying Sunday in the same way that these families are – and equally – most likely just as many Mexican Families actually aren’t enjoying the weekend just in the way that lots of American families aren’t enjoying their weekends – and the final thought that wrapped around it was that the thing that maybe we forget more as Americans – is that people around the world are so much the same in the things that they really want.   Maybe it’s a hippy-dippy post but I’m sticking to it.  Please enjoy the rest of my Sunday photo fun below:

  1. your writing about how you realize families there are just wanting the same things as families everywhere reminds me so much of the words of “Finlandia” (Kate might remember it from hearing it at camp. or google it sometime). it is a realization that more people need to have! maybe it would help break down the US and THEM mentality!
    nice photos!

  2. That was a lot of fun. Glad you’r enjoying yourself while waiting for things to get straightened out. Think how much worse it would be if you were sitting twiddling your thumbs and getting agitated which a lot of people moght be doing in our situation. Hope the car is done soon.

    Love Mom

  3. Hey Mark and Katie! Sorry it took me so long to get onboard the curious adventure tour, I just got the blog url form Michelle. I’ve gone through all of your post and so far I’m having a lot of fun living vicariously through your adventures. I’m really happy to see you gaining so much perspective on so many different things. Reading the way you describe the familial atmosphere in Mexico reminds me of my Grandparents and how they used to always stress how important family is in our culture. Safe travels can’t wait to see the next set of pics and thoughts.

    • No worries Mike funny I was actually going to email you the link! I have been collecting photos of places that have Aguilar on them. Its bigger than the t-shirt list! Did you know that it’s also the verb “to rent” (águila un coche). You are the man here! (i tell them I know you and it gets me mad props)

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