2 thoughts on “Cafe

  1. Happy Birthday and these are the cooooolest pictures yet. They must have been taken a little while ago because isn’t Katie in Cancun now. Anyway, they’re great.

    I don’t know if you remember the exhibit at Dartmouth, by some artist whose name I can’t remember, but will find it and let you know, you’re photos are like his paintings. Terrific.

    Anyway, I’m glad ou are on the way with the next step of your trip.

    Love you

    1. Hi mom – thanks on all counts! Yes – they were taken along the way in Puebla – part of the time Katie was there since it was 2 weeks long!!! It’s really a great place for photos. One of the tough things about the internet in all of these places seems that although it works all over, frequently it doesn’t have the strength to upload photos quickly and so it’s a real challenge to find the time to get a bunch of them up – one day I am going to upload a huge photo diary. Love you!

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