‘Ruinporn’ : the beauty in the process of man made structures being transformed back into nature. Mexican Jungle editition.

Our internet has been so bad and I haven’t had much time to write lately so this is a post I wrote a while back but never actually posted.  It’s out of the timeline and is actually from almost a month ago in Mexico but still love the photos!

Sitting around waiting for the RV to get fixed got kind of boring and so I dug into “findyourownruins.com” and struck out on an adventure and found this – Score!   Being silly, but sort of not – this gem of a spot just happened to be along the side of a Mexican road and I happened to be there as the sun was cracking the top of the nearby mountain on it’s way down for the night.

No clue what this group of structures ever was – it’s modern enough not to be any type of landmark but old enough to …. look old.   Solid proof that the jungle eats quickly.  My lucky ‘ruinporn’ moment!   Geeky moment here – these photos have not gone through 1 click of image processing.  I love photoprocesing and use it 85% of the time but these ones are straight off cam – this was just a killer moment.  Click the images to see the full gallery!

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  1. Hi,

    Nice to hear from you. I got a note from Elaine today with the actual picture she put into the engagement notice. I have really been bad. I was going to send her the copy of the article in the Inquirer but will definitely get to it now. I loved the pictures, one especially, the entrance nto the garden or whatever it was.

    Sad news, Gloria Singer died last week.

    Love you, Mom

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