Beauty in flowers in Bangkok – a special blog for mom

This post can be appreciated by everyone but I thought that my mom might like it in particular.  It’s mainly just images.   Katie and I are in Thailand right now and we were lucky enough to take a night bicycle tour of various parts of Bangkok.  One of the places that they took us to was the 24 flower market in the city.


We’ve visited the flower market in New York City with my mom and it’s an incredible place filled with beautiful sights and interesting characters.


We felt much the same way on our visit to the night market in Thailand.   There were so many blocks of flowers it’s impossible to make it show up in a single picture or even a series of pictures.


Without question we were in an ocean of flowers and people who knew and understood how to make the most out of the flowers that they had available to them.  Although the designs were frequently the same from vendor to vendor in a way it almost made it more impressive.


Another thing that is impossible to express with simple pictures is how rapidly and quickly that the people used their hands to created these arrangements.  It was pretty mind boggling

AIMGL2366 IMGL2367 IMGL2369 IMGL2370

I was a pretty big fan of these intricate wreaths in particular.  I think it took this woman about 3 minutes to make one.

IIMGL2372 IMGL2373 IMGL2374 IMGL2375 IMGL2376 IMGL2377 IMGL2378 IMGL2379 IMGL2381 IMGL2382 IMGL2383 IMGL2384

One this we learned – NEVER give lotus flowers as a gift – they are only to be used for religious purposes.  I think that the woman in question here was asked if I could but some of these for Katie on her Bday 🙂

IMGL2386 IMGL2390 IMGL2391 IMGL2393

Orchids on the other hands make a great gift – I’ve never seen some of the orchids available here

IMGL2394 IMGL2395 IMGL2396 IMGL2397 IMGL2398

I never go an answer as to what this was – it wasn’t a lemon.


Monks definitely need to shop for offereings

IMGL2401 IMGL2402 IMGL2403 IMGL2404

It can be spendy buying for Buddha

IMGL2405 IMGL2406

A sea of orchids

IMGL2407 IMGL2408 IMGL2409 IMGL2410

Roses are great for loved ones too – just like at home

IMGL2411 IMGL2412

Anyhow – quick blog – things of beauty that probably can be enjoyed by everyone but hopefully very much by mom.  Thailand is clearly a great place to buy flowers on the curious adventure

2 thoughts on “Beauty in flowers in Bangkok – a special blog for mom

  1. Hi,

    That was fantastic. Much more gorgeous than New York. It must have been quite a trip by bike. I guess i was in the middle of the night because the traffic in Bangkok s terrible almost all the time or maybe you aren’t in quite the downtown section we were in.

    Glad to hear from you.

    Hows the food?

    Love Mom

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