Do Tell

Here’s a short intro to who we are and what we’re doing. I’m Mark writing at current and my fiance is Katie and she might just jump in and write some more. We’re taking a year of our life to travel around the world. From my perspective I know we’re not doing anything Earth-shattering that I am aware of. People love to travel and if you are inclined to look into the wide world of the internet it would be a good guess that there are literally millions of people who do the same thing. I’m doing it because I love to see and experience new things – I guess that in and of itself sounds sort of boring because it seems like everyone feels the same way.

On the other hand I do think it’s pretty cool that we are actually doing it.

So a little more about us. I’m 45 and Katie is 28 and while that may seem like a big age gap to a lot of people out there it doesn’t really for us. People who know me will tell you that I am the biggest kid that they know and people that know Katie will tell you that she is wiser than her years by double and that she is clearly an old soul. So it seems to work out for us.

We are both intellects, philosophers, socializers, partiers, artists, designers, makers and doers. We’re loud and we’ll both talk your ears off. We complete each others sentences in a way that just about everyone that we know has actually made a point of telling us.

Most likely if you are visiting you already know this but if you happened to find the site some other way that’s just a bit about who we are so welcome and thanks for reading!

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