The Summer Road Trip 2013

On The Road With Mark, Katie, Jack and The Rialta

I’m doing this sort of backwards.   This trip is coming to a close and what an adventure it was.   2862 miles according to Google maps .  That will be the grand total when I pull back into San Diego on Wednesday.    19 days (150 miles per day says my calculator – that’s really very doable!),   3 states, 4 national parks, roughly 30 miles of hikes, an abandoned waterpark and an active one.   Probably nearly 1000 pictures.  Let’s see what else – slept in the RV every night except 2 nights at my brother’s place.   Jack the road dog with me 100% of the time, Katie with me for a week.   I saw a juvenile bear up close!  I Did it all while the country was experiencing the hottest temperatures on record but sort of outran the worst of it.  Drove “The Loneliest Road In America” through Nevada where there is…

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