National Parking (not a crisis on your street but a great set of places to visit)

On The Road With Mark, Katie, Jack and The Rialta

I went to 4 national parks on this one trip.  I almost went to 5.   I don’t recommend this at all.   I myself consider this to be a ridiculous agenda and I can say without any hesitation that I missed most likely just about every nuance to every one of those parks.

It wasn’t Clark Griswald. I promise I stopped, listened, breathed deeply and enjoyed each of the parks.

In addition, I have been to … well – I’ve been to one of the parks before.

But I feel good – really good – amazingly good – about why I went to too many of the parks as opposed to making excuses for not going to any of them at all.   Make sense?

No one has ever asked and yet someone might – why go to national parks?  why not just ______ fill in the blank.  My answer to this…

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