It all starts here

This story actually started a long time ago.   It started on Valentine’s day in 2009 in Los Angeles at an event where we were waiting in a line to use a porta-potty and Katie looked and was really cold and Mark had a big furry hat on.     The rest is history.    Since then we have gone places, done things, made memories and made fun.   We are do-ers.   At the time Mark’s business wasn’t quite the success story that it became over the next few years but we still managed to figure out how to “do”.   Maybe we’ll fill in some of the blanks here because this is a journal for us as well as a possible inspiration for others – but – fast forward – at the current time it starts here.   December 2013.

In this segment of the “doing” we are wrapping up lots of loose ends in San Diego and piecing together a fascinating itinerary.   We’re going away for a whole year.    We’re doing this.    We made it become real and each day that we add another piece of the puzzle –  whether that is a piece of packing up and settling or affairs in San Diego or whether it is making one more solid, secure flight reservation for some leg of the trip, it becomes more and more real by the minute and in thus it defines itself as – “Yes – this is really happening”.

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